Collection: MonkeyMeela

Princess MonkeyMeela is a 6-year-old capuchin monkey who joined the MonkeyBooCrew when she was 2 years old. She is the girlfriend of the Famous MonkeyBoo and best friends with MonkeyHappy. MonkeyMeela is all girl and has her own special bond with Pet Human Pete. She truly is a Daddy’s girl and it shows when she is doing videos and live streams with her human Daddy. MonkeyMeela is the true Monkey Princess!

Who Is Monkey Happy??

Monkey Happy is a 4 year old capuchin monkey who makes adorable monkey videos for the world to see. He's Monkey Boo's little brother and loves to make everyone happy! Subscribe on YouTube and follow along this cute monkey's exciting life full of new experiences and of course, cuteness!